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E-guides are electronic booklets that you can purchase, download and read on your computer. They are PDF files that you can open with Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.

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Each E-guide is approximately 25 pages in length and addresses subjects I cover in my teleclasses and columns—but in more detail.

E-guide Titles

Seven Sources of Successful Leadership

Leadership is a lot like a river. It shapes what it touches. It carves its way through mountains. It contributes to a larger entity that is richer for the contribution. Sooner or later, each of us is called upon to demonstrate leadership in some capacity in one of the many roles we play in life: spouse, parent, employee or boss, neighbor, and so on. Learn the seven sources that feed into the river of successful leadership and make your next leadership experience productive and powerful.

LifeCompass: Your Internal Guidance System for Success

Like the compass you use while hiking or sailing, your LifeCompass can help you navigate life’s paths and point you toward successful outcomes. Recognizing, utilizing and strengthening the components that compose your LifeCompass will enhance self-awareness, facilitate rewarding relationships and empower a balanced, dynamic lifestyle.

Engage Your LifeCompass for Effective Leadership

Leaders know how to use tools to accomplish their goals. This E-guide focuses on the LifeCompass as a means to achieve a higher level of competence as a leader by effectively employing integrity, humility, positivity, sensitivity, tenacity, creativity, and authority. Think of these personality traits as forces that will point your LifeCompass in the right direction and empower you to initiate positive changes in your career or business.
(Prerequisite E-guide: LifeCompass: Your Internal Guidance System for Success)

Goal Mapping: How to Create a Road Map to Your Future

What do you do when you want to go someplace where you’ve never been? You whip out a map, right? This E-guide teaches you how to create a map to another kind of destination—a goal. You’ll find in this E-guide a tool you can use over and over to plot a course to success.

Do the Right Thing! Six Pillars for Building a Principled and Profitable Business

The challenge of building a business based on high ethical standards has never been greater. Mounting market pressures, burdensome regulation, higher consumer expectations and other forces have created a climate in which integrity and profitability can seem to be in conflict. This informative E-guide will teach you strategies for building a business that is morally sound, socially responsible, committed to a sound code of ethics…and positioned to maximize profits without sacrificing ideals.

Coaching With Confidence: Serving People as a Mentor, Motivator and Manager

People with the responsibility for the performance of others must play a combination of three roles: mentor, motivator and manager. As mentors, they serve as a resource for information and a role model for behavior, providing support that helps employees to be their best. The motivator encourages employees to reach higher levels of productivity and provides accountability for improvement. The manager focuses on helping employees set clear goals, change unproductive habits and resolve conflicts. This E-guide defines each of these roles and provides insight into how to coach with confidence.

Make Their Day! Four Pillars of Fantastic Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to merely satisfy customers. You have to convince them that there is no one else who can meet their need for your product or service like you can. And that means developing a customer service technique that exceeds their expectations. In this stimulating teleclass you’ll learn the secrets to winning and keeping customers by showing them through your attitude, words and actions that you intend to make their day. This E-guide is full of practical information and tactics that readers can immediately put into practice.

E-guides are in production now. Ordering instructions will be posted soon.

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