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Over the Top
by Zig Ziglar

The master motivator draws on his forty-plus years of experience and delivers a detailed road map for achieving happiness, health, reasonable prosperity, solid relationships and — most important — hope.

All Editions
The Path
by Laurie Beth Jones

Wondering what your mission in life is? Read this book and find your path by taking a step-by-step approach to crafting your personal mission statement.

All Editions
Selling the Invisible
by Harry Beckwith

This is a must-read for anyone who is trying to market a service. If you don’t know the difference between your position in the marketplace and your positioning statement, you’d better get this book.

All Editions
Good to Great
by Jim Collins

What’s wrong with being a good company? Nothing — if that’s your goal. But this book demonstrate that there is a higher level to which you can aspire. Collins proves that there are companies that have made the leap to greatness and sustained that status for at least 15 years. And he tells you how they did it.

All Editions
Leading at the Edge
by Dennis Perkins

Imagine the lessons you would learn if you and your team had been shipwrecked, stranded on a forlorn and frozen island and forced to endure the limits of human endurance. That’s exactly what happened to Ernest Shackleton and his men in 1914. The author does a nice job of relating that experience to the challenges of modern day leadership.

All Editions
Working with Difficult People
by Muriel Solomon

Do people at work stress you out? If so, here’s a book that shows you how to get in complete control of event the most difficult office relationships. Solomon provides successful techniques and strategies for dealing with bosses, co-workers and subordinates do their best to make your life miserable.

All Editions
Crucial Conversations
by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Genny, Ron McMillan
and Al Switzler

If your confidence as a communicator lacks conviction, this book will help you. The authors give you tools for handling life’s most difficult and important conversations, saying what’s on your mind and achieving positive outcomes. The subtitle says it all: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High.

All Editions
Extreme Success
by Rich Fettke

Rich knows EXTREME! He enjoys rock climbing, skydiving and other extreme sports. In his book, Rich takes his love for testing the limits in sports and applies them to the pursuit of personal and business success. As a coaching client of Rich’s, I can attest to the validity and power of his insights.

All Editions
The Experience Economy
by B. Joseph Pine II and James Gilmore

We are living in a new economic era, according to Pine and Gilmore. They claim that every business is a stage and companies must design memorable events for which they charge admission. Sound strange? Think about how Disney has made an amusement park more than just a bunch of rides. Goods and services may no longer be enough to attract and keep customers.

All Editions
Do One Thing Different
by Bill O’Hanlon

Got a habit you want to break? Want to change your approach to handling problems? Need to deal with something from you past that won’t let you be successful in the present? O’Hanlon offers simple but effective strategies for personal transformation. I like the warning on the cover: You may have no place to go but toward your heart’s and soul’s desire.

All Editions
Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Positive Thinking
by Michael Ritts, Jr.

Napoleon Hill is one of the founding fathers of the positive thinking movement. Michael Ritts captures the essence of Hill’s philosophy and presents ten steps to health, wealth and success. It may sound like a cliché, but there is great truth to the premise of this book: you can change your life if you change your attitude.

All Editions
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