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The first step toward using a coach to help you achieve your goals as a leader is to find a coach who can assess your leadership style and identify the hidden paycheck currencies that are most important to your direct reports. I offer two varieties of coaching, each one designed to address the specific leadership challenges facing corporate executives and business owners. In order to provide you with the opportunity to experience coaching before making a commitment, I offer a free sample coaching.

Compass Leadership Coaching Options

How do you keep your key people inspired and loyal? How do you turn employees into stakeholders? How do you motivate them to deliver the discretionary effort that boosts productivity and profitability? Compass Leadership Coaching helps you to make the transition from good to great as a leader.

Executive Leadership Coaching - Leadership coaching for executives focuses on developing leadership aptitudes that promote higher corporate   productivity. Corporate executives find Compass Leadership Coaching to be an invaluable tool for improving the performance of their key people, building strong relationships with colleagues and boosting the profitability of their company. Three 40-minute sessions per month.

Business Leadership Coaching – Leadership coaching for business owners focuses on meeting the challenges of energizing and engaging employees, encouraging them to take “ownership” of their piece of the business. Compass Leadership Coaching provides business owners with a partner in their efforts to build a powerful and focused employee team. Three 40-minute sessions per month.

Free Compass Leadership Coaching Sample Session

It’s important for the person you hire as your coach to be someone you can connect with—someone whose personality meshes with yours. The best way to assess whether you and I will communicate effectively with each other is to spend some time together. That’s why I offer prospective clients a free sample coaching session.

It’s an opportunity for you to ask me questions about my approach to leadership coaching and for me to get a sense of your expectations. By the end of the session we’ll both know whether we should establish a working relationship.

Call me at (757) 533-9650 to schedule your free session.

Compass Leadership Coaching provides a toll-free phone number for coaching sessions, so there is no cost for your telephone call.

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