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Let’s start with what a coach is not.

I am not a mental health professional. Emotional problems should be treated by a licensed counselor. I deal with people who are emotionally intact and looking for ways to raise the level of their leadership skills.

I am not a consultant in the traditional sense of the word. Consultants come into your business, evaluate performance and productivity, provide analysis, training and motivation strategies—and leave. I do many of the same things a consultant does, except thatI work with you one-on-one, on a regular basis to help you implement the plans we develop together.

I am not your best friend. You already have one of those. My job is to supply you with the training, motivation and accountability that will maximize your leadership skills. Sometimes that will mean pushing you to progress in a way that your best friend might not.

Now, let’s talk about what I can do for you.

When a tennis player wants to move from the amateur ranks to the finals at Wimbledon, he hires a professional tennis coach. When the owner of a high performance race car wants to win the Indy 500, he hires a topnotch mechanic. When a real estate mogul wants to build the finest skyscraper in town, he hires a master architect. Achieving excellence as a leader often requires a partnership between the individual with a goal and a person who can provide the expertise, technology and creativity needed to reach that goal.

As a business coach, I serve as a mentor, motivator and manager who helps you identify and reach your leadership goals. I’ll help you solve problems, make better decisions, develop new skills and initiate success-building behaviors in yourself and others.

What I Do

I’ll begin by gathering information about you — your personal and professional goals; your current commitments and challenges; and your assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

Our coaching sessions will take place via the telephone in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. We’ll meet for 40-minute sessions three times per month at an appointed time and do the work of building the leadership skills you desire. Occasionally I'll send you helpful information I’ve compiled that will give you additional coaching input.

My goal is to make every coaching session a stimulating, thought-provoking and encouraging time of discovery. We’ll work on skills, brainstorm ideas for solving problems, explore new areas of focus — and continuously move closer to achieving your goals.

Each coaching session will end with an assignment. The assignment will be based on our discussion during the session and will move you toward an objective you have identified as vital to your action plan.

What You Do

Your role in the coaching relationship is equally important. It requires a commitment on your part to do the work of developing your leadership skills.

That means you’ll take responsibility for calling me at the appointed time for our session and you’ll come to each session prepared — not just with your assignment but also with an open mind and a willingness to step outside your self-imposed limits.

The coaching session is a time for you to drop your guard and get real. Sometimes that just means having a good hearty laugh at life. Yes, you and I will do serious work together. But we’ll also have a good time, finding joy in the process of developing and nurturing your leadership abilities.